Here’s the blog posts for Teach CoLab:

  • Erasmus+ Exchange Program Part 2; Maya Nikolic
    Introduction: Hi everyone! Before we begin, check out the first part of this blog, titled “Erasmus+ Exchange; Maya Nikolic” to view the inside scoop of my time in Waterford City from March to April. As a quick recap, my name is Maya Nikolic and I’m in my final year studying public health at the University
  • Life Is Like Mapping A Tattoo, My Journey Through Erasmus (Part 2)
    Ever since the first, I’ve looked forward to the days ahead of me where I can get my next one.  The first tattoo I got was something that I loved since I was a child, a Pokemon trainer and Pikachu sprite from the original Red and Blue games on my left ankle. I essentially grew
  • Life Is Like Mapping A Tattoo, My Journey Through Erasmus (Part 1)
    My name is Andy Pham. I’m a fourth-year student at the University of Washington Bothell and was also another student accepted into the Erasmus exchange program through South East Technological University. I’m currently majoring in public health with minors in health education and global health and look to carry those ambitions of healthy communities into
  • Erasmus+ Exchange; Maya Nikolic
    Introduction: Hello! My name is Maya Nikolic and I’m a fourth year student from the University of Washington Bothell studying public health. From March to May, I will be participating in an Erasmus+ Exchange program through South Eastern Technological University here in Waterford City, Ireland. I’ve always had a passion for global health, health promotion,
  • Podcasts as Learning Materials
    Since 2017, I have been involved with producing podcasts at Waterford Institute of Technology (and elsewhere before that). Some are linked directly to subjects whereas others are extra material. They all span multiple disciplines and provide another way for us to engage with our students and college community. In this blog post, I won’t get into the technicalities of creating podcasts, but instead lay out some benefits that podcasts can bring.