We use podcasts to capture outputs from Teach CoLab at various times. This is meant to be an informal way to communicate between our stakeholders, students and ourselves. The podcast is available on all of the major podcasting platforms.

  • Sexual Health Education in Practice
    (L to R – Magdalene Tran, Celia Thomas, Rob O’Connor) While in Ireland as part of the latest Teach CoLab partner meeting, US-based sexual health educators Celia Thomas and Magdalene Tran join SETU’s Rob O’Connor in the studio to discuss their work and their relationship with Teach CoLab.   You should find the podcast on all
  • Erasmus+ Exchange 2024 (Before)
    (Photo from L to R: Georgina Leahy, Christina O’Reilly, Andy Pham, Rob O’Connor, Maya Nikolic) In March 2024, a number of students from the University of Washington Bothel (USA) and South East Technological University (Ireland) began an exchange programme, funded via Erasmus+ and facilitated through Teach CoLab.   Rob O’Connor of SETU spoke with a
  • Student Exchange: Americans in Ireland 2022
    Two exchange students from Washington State reflect on their experiences of life in Waterford, Ireland. In a very open and easy fashion, students Mindy Vu and Jennifer Dinh talk with Rob O’Connor (from Waterford) about the people they met and places they’ve visited during their time in Ireland. They also compare discuss differences in the academic approaches of the Irish and US systems.
  • Re-introducing Teach CoLab in the Physical World
    The TEaCH CoLab group has enjoyed a number of onsite visits over the course of its life to date, but Covid called a halt to all of that for two years. However, this March (2022),  faculty from University of Washington, Bothell travelled to WIT to work on a variety of aspects of the TEaCH CoLab project. At the end of the visit, five members of staff recorded a podcast to reflect on the experiences of the previous few days …
  • Community Engagement during the Pandemic
    The panel talk about academic community engagement during the COVID pandemic. They discuss projects they’re involved with, how they worked pre-COVID, how things changed during COVID and what lessons can be learned for future unforeseen events.This podcast features Dan Bustillos and Kara Adams of the University of Washington Bothel and Aisling McGrath of Waterford Institute